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Quick Overview

Softags is an IT based best web design company and website development company in mumbai, india which designs, manages, builds and provides high quality web design and professional level web development customized solution.

Softags employs the worlds best web design to elevate your business website to the next level. We are always working hard to build the real value for your website designing.

We love to work hard, create things and always aim to please every client even the hardest ones in website designing & web development.

We at softags are creative problem solvers. We are not only creative but are loaded with smart ideas suitable for your best website designing and web development.

Softags Designs your future with the website design. We create magic with our web design. Creating a difference in web design and web development is our job. We discover the color of creativity. You will save time and effort in order to create a stunning website.

01. Planning

We process the plan to achieve your desired result. We think in 3 different ways in order to give you the best result:
1. Collection & Analysis
2. Decision Support
3. Evaluating the plan.

02. Wireframe

Wireframing is a very important step in any web design.We will build an blueprint of your website before you understand how your actual website will look. It is a process of how an user will actually interact with the web design.

03.Web Design

We make your website look beautiful through our web design i.e layout, color, typography, images. When each of these complement each other, a great web design is born.

04. Web Development

Our website Development process is simple. We work on technology which is trending, which is simple to use and so does is wordpress.Half a million website on web is powered by wordpress and we love to work on this platform to give you excellent results.

Our Services

Our Web Design is Versatile in Every Detail.

It doesn’t matter if your website sells products, finds New Clients or just attract readers, the right Website Design and web design Layout can make it more Successful.

That’s Why Softags offers you Limitless of Customization. Whatever result your Web design is seeking, Softags can help you maximize them in your website design & web developement.

Web Design

Our Web Design is unique, every pixel is creative. Get Prepared to explore the world with our web design. We are the best website designing company in mumbai.


We are multipurpose suitable for anykind of web development project to develop.We work hard to give you the real value! We are the best web development company in mumbai !!


We can help you in building your online ecommerce platform with our creative web design and develop your website with feature rich functionalities.


We will work on your ideas and code for you to give you a pixel perfect software solution that will help you in your day to day life.

We are adding extra value to your website designing. Join the league, let’s work together.

Our Specialities

We at softags follow our passion, we always prepare ourself to work hard and sacrifice, and above all we don’t let anyone limit our dreams.








Percent Satisfaction


A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step or a new website.We at softags strive to give you the best service and solution for your business in web design, web development and brand identity.

 Lets get in touch and tell us what you have in mind?

Knowledge & Experience

We believe the only source of knowledge is experience. We have a very strong background in web design, website development, information architecture and content management solution i.e WordPress. We have applied our expertise and technical knowlege to deploy our client’s websites.

Innovative Solutions

We are quick to give you the best solution to eliminate our clients from IT dilemmas. We have the ability to think outside the box to provide you with the smart concept. We are smart, we are fast, we are good.


It’s time to stop paying more money and get less quality. By choosing the best website designing company in mumbai, softags you no longer need to sacrifice on quality and pay more, we offer you the best quality, website designing and web development at price of stone. Don’t just think, start now.

Web Design

Your success is our success

Our success comes from you. We want to grow your business successfully without facing any complexity in web design and web development. We are committed to make it rewarding and easy for you.

We Care

We are always working hard to build the real value of your business. We offer free services to our clients once the process of our web development finishes. We offer the free maintenance of your website design for a period of time. We always strive to make our clients happy.

Fast Launch

Beacuse of the flexible nature of our work, we are able to accommodate the demand of any project given to us within a specific deadline. We are young and we are willing to work for you to give you the the best possible results in website designing and web development.




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