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How To Hide Directory Browsing in Wordpress? - softags
hide directory browsing in wordpress

by softags

Often Times You run on risk when you are using wordpress website, as wordpress has some security concerns which we need to take care of. In this article we are going to see on how to hide directory browsing in wordpress.  Often times it happens that your website designing company takes care of this issues, but if they don’t then you can do it easily.

If your server does not find an file on your server, it exploits your directory structure showing its content. This could make your site vulnerable as your site maybe exploited to hackers. So It is very important to hide your directory browsing in wordpress.

hide directory browsing in wordpress


Why you need to hide directory browsing in wordpress ?

Directory browsing in wordpress plays a very important factor in your wordpress website. Directory browsing can be used by hackers to find out vulnerabilities in your file structure. They can gain access to take advantage of your website.

The other reason being to hide directory browsing in wordpress is that other people can also gain access to your website, like images, videos and the important thing your file structure.

This is the reason why you should always disable directory browsing in wordpress.

So to hide directory browsing in wordpress you need to just add a single line of code in your wordpress .htaccess file below the #end wordpress.

To find your file structure you have two ways, one being through cpanel and other being filezilla.

In both the case you need to open your public/html folder and find the file name .htaccess . This file is used for security purpose.

You can either view that file or download it from your remote server to local server. Open the file and at the end of the wordpress generated code, just add this line of code:

Options -Indexes

Save your file and upload it back if you have downloaded the file onto your live server. You have now disable directory browsing in wordpress website. Now whenever if anyone is trying to locate your directory index will get an 404 error.

I am writing this blog because my client had face this issue and he told me that please hide directory in wordpress. I thought others can also benefit from this.

Let me know your feedback or any problem you have faced in directory browsing. I hope this article will help you in making wordpress website / blog more secure.

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hide directory browsing in wordpress
How To Hide Directory Browsing in WordPress?