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Premium Wordpress theme for free? - softags

by softags

Imagine you are in a very big meeting, and you need to show your client how your website is working? And when you open your website, you are like “where is my website?” And then you go to flashback where you have used premium wordpress theme for free.

Bad news for you, Your website is hacked, data gone, malicious code in the website, seo rankings, efforts, time everything lost?

Sounds Scary, Isn’t it?

I did not mean to give you a hard time but this is what happens to most of the bloggers and web development companies who uses premium wordpress theme for free.

In this blog I will explain you the reasons why you should not download or use premium wordpress themes for free?

  • Premium WordPress theme for free: No Customer Support & Updates

    If you are facing problems in with your theme, you would not be able to contact the developer as you have not purchased the theme, instead you have downloaded the free version of the premium wordpress theme. In Future if the theme gets updated, you will not be notified, Hence your site will be at risk, because wordpress gets updated so does your theme needs to be.

    Premium wordpress theme for free

  • Premium WordPress theme for free: Malicious Code

    Free themes often comes unnecessary footer links and obtrusive coding. They can redirect the website to some other website as to gain traffic.
    Removing the errors from premium wordpress themes is time consuming as you have to go through each and every wordpress file to see the issue.

  • Premium WordPress theme for free:Plugins Compatibility

    Premium wordpress theme may be outdated. So you cannot install plugins that are not compatible as it may happen that your website may break. Premium themes offers regular updates to themes as well as plugins. An advantage as compared to download premium wordpress theme for free.


Final Thoughts on using premium WordPress themes for free:

Ask yourself these questions:
– Is my website important to my business?
– Will there ever be changes to my website?

If those are yes, Invest 50$ right now and save your time.

If you are someone who just focuses on quality, design and outstanding support then you should go for a premium theme rather than download it for free.

I am eager to know your thoughts. Have you ever faced a problem downloading premium wordpress theme for free? Do share with us. We are waiting for your valuable thoughts?

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Premium WordPress theme for free?